Dead Day Horoscopes iconYour horoscope today may say “You are, metaphorically speaking, about to be launched as a human cannonball.” But what does that really mean? Is it possible that perhaps it’s not as metaphorical as they are suggesting? Ask Hunter Thompson.

Every day, each and every one of us has signs from the heavens about what may or may not be in store for us. The trick is to read those signs and read between the lines. After all, any day could be our last.

Were the stars trying to send a warning to heed? Or were they simply sending a farewell message for a farewell that could not be avoided?

If John F. Kennedy had read his horoscope that fateful day on Nov. 22, 1963 and carefully considered the readings, would he have gotten into an open convertible in Dallas? Perhaps not.

If someone makes it into their nineties, what else might the stars say, other than, “Bye bye and have a nice trip.”?

As much as astrologers try to help us along the way, they also see the darker side of the day’s potential. If only we knew how to read between the lines. By all means, look up. But by all means, look out.

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